Chemical Management

Chemical management is one of our strongest services in CAS.

Our chemical department consists of Hazmat trained drivers that cover locations across Southern California providing a range of chemicals from Chlorine to Acid to packaged goods.  We work closely with our customers to communicate delivery schedules, remote monitoring, and any new chemical inquiries.

Chemicals We Carry & Provide:

• Sodium Hypochlorite-12.5%
• Muriatic Acid: available straight or diluted (1:1, 2:1, 4:1)
• Any Quantity Available

Dry Chemicals such as:
• Bicarb
• Soda Ash
• Calcium Chloride

Please contact chemical@commercialaquatic.com for chemical inquiries

What We Do?

Think of Commercial Aquatic Services as your partner who helps you maintain the safest, the most appealing, and the most enjoyable pools and spas possible. We take that extra step (and one more for good measure) to ensure that we exceed your expectation.


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