CASBUSTERS – 07/10/2017

Did you know these common pool myths?

Myth #1: Dye in the pool will show up when you pee in the pool

Although a surprising 52 percent of people believe pools can have dye in it that will show when people pee in the pool, urine indicator dye does not exist and is chemically nearly impossible to produce. Be warned, though: Even though there is no dye, if your urine is yellow due to dehydration, you may see the yellow urine color. While the pool won’t turn purple when you pee, the best and most sanitary thing to do is to get out of the pool and use the bathroom.

Myth #2: Chlorine causes the pool smell

When you walk into an indoor pool and get engulfed by the chlorine fumes, it is not actually chlorine that is causing the smell. Toxic chloramines, which are formed during the reaction of chlorine with sweat, urine, and body oils, cause the smell.

Myth #3: You must wait one hour after eating to go swimming

Many children are told that swimming on a full stomach is dangerous because you might get a cramp or stitch, leaving you unable to swim and this could lead to drowning. Though this might be a helpful parenting technique to get your child to take a break from the pool, there is no scientific evidence to support this. Eating within one hour before swimming does not increase the likelihood of getting a cramp. Getting a cramp or stitch while swimming can happen anytime, so it is best to swim only in depths where you feel comfortable and to keep an eye on all children playing in the pool.


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